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PHPMaker 2023.5.0.0 Crack is a powerful automation tool for quickly producing a comprehensive set of PHP scripts from databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and SQLite. PHPMaker allows you to easily create websites that let users read, edit, search, add and delete data online. PHPMaker can also produce summary reports, crosstab reports, and dashboards using JavaScript (HTML5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series, and stacked chart) to summarise and visualize your data. PHPMaker is built for maximum flexibility and includes a plethora of choices for creating PHP applications that are tailored to your specific requirements. The resultant code is straightforward, basic, and quick to modify. PHP scripts can run on both Windows and Linux systems. PHPMaker is a time-saving tool that is appropriate for both rookie and experienced developers.

PHPMaker 2023.5.0.0 Crack + Full Version Free Download 2023

PHPmaker Crack is a very professional automation application that creates PHP code from databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. The many adaptable alternatives enable users to manage their websites anyhow they wish, with total command and control over the edit, add, search, and remove capabilities of a website. The best thing is that it provides developers with code that is simple, straightforward, and extremely flexible. PHPMaker-generated PHP scripts may be accessed from both Windows and UNIX-based platforms. PHPMaker allows you to recoup development time that would otherwise be lost in traditional setups. It is also quite versatile, since the PHP scripts developed may be run on either Windows or Linux/Unix systems. The ease of use of the PHP procedure is key to the success of this software. Even inexperienced users may utilize it with patience.

This Software is meant to be incredibly versatile, with a plethora of software options that allow you to tailor PHP programs to your particular needs. The resultant codes are well-structured, with excellent readability and minimal volume. This application’s scripts may be run on both Windows and Linux / Unix servers (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, MSSQL, and Oracle). The most widely used web design languages nowadays are PHP, ASP, and ASP.Net, which are utilized by the vast majority of programmers. Furthermore, HTML is a simple language. Specialized editors for each language are necessary to program in and use these languages. The most recent major update to PHPMaker includes a slew of new features, the most notable of which is a Grid-Modify tool that allows you to edit multiple entries on the List page at the same time.

PHPmaker Full Version is built for maximum versatility; a plethora of choices enables you to create PHP programs that are tailored to your specific requirements. The resultant code is straightforward, uncomplicated, and easy to change. PHP scripts may be run on either Windows or Linux servers. PHPMaker is a time-saving application that is appropriate for both rookie and experienced coders. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, PHPMaker provides a myriad of options for generating PHP apps. The created codes are basic, straightforward, and easy to change. You may quickly and easily develop an internet site that allows visitors to browse, edit, search, and add or remove items with PHPMaker Extensions. However, manually modifying it leads to fairly huge and complicated undertakings.

PHPMaker Crack + Key Free Download 2023

Key Features:

  • Advanced code generation security.
  • Define the website’s user registration system.
  • Capture output in the following formats: CSV / HTML / Excel / Word / XML / PDF / Email.
  • Define the mechanism for uploading files to a given database or location.
  • Customizable templates and plugins.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, MSSQL, and Oracle databases are all supported.
  • Support for altering CSS-style files with LESS.
  • Projects should be synced with the database.
  • PHP-based server-side validation and Java-Script-based user-side validation.
  • MD5 codes and their related instances are particularly sensitive.
  • Panel for searching in collapsed mode
  • Options Dialog and Export to Email Dialog have been added.
  • A vertical dropdown menu added
  • All scripts must be conventional.
  • Options for inline-add, inline-copy, inline-delete, and inline-edit.
  • Before importing or modifying records, the pages are prepared.
  • Recall from the page list.
  • Possibility of altering and editing formats in any area.
  • JavaScript validation on the client side.
  • Options for searching are selectable
  • Professional user-level identification and security protection to preserve data from unauthorized access
  • access.
  • Comprehensive user registration system with optional user activation.
  • HTML settings such as fonts, CSS, and colors, as well as HTML tables with preview.
  • Numerous PHP options.
  • Projects may be saved and restored from the project file.
  • Maintain project settings in sync with database updates.
  • Automatically create virtual folders in IIS.
  • Adjustable display with integrated Query image generator.
  • Reporting at a basic level.
  • Output formats include HTML, Word, Excel, CSV, and XML.
  • Sorting by many columns.
  • Choose a page size.
  • Files can be uploaded to folders and databases.
  • Tables of dynamic loading.
  • Choose the hue of the rows and the bright shades.
  • Text suggestion and auto-fill.
  • Login and redirection are automatic.
  • PHPMaker is a forward-thinking security application that incorporates a user registration program.
  • It is a custom template software that moves files to databases or directories.
  • PHPMake’s data dictionary functionality enables you to effortlessly move or modify the names of your tables, fields, and massages.
  • It maintains track of your versions and revisions and allows you to produce new copies of the same chart that contain the scrip case.
  • PHPMaker provides you with a forward-thinking environment in which to build your projects and scripts.
  • User registration system in its entirety, including optional user activation, password expiration, failed, and concurrent login management.
  • With an integrated visual query builder, you can create, modify, and delete database views.
  • Scrolling table on the List page (only available to registered users) (only available to registered users)

What’s New?

  • The created codes are simple, easy to alter, and basic.
  • PHP scripts are compatible with both Windows and Linux/Unix servers.
  • It may help you save a lot of time and is suitable for both newbies and professional developers.
  • We have previously verified that the link that installs is secure; nonetheless, for your utmost security, we recommend that you check the setup program with your antivirus.
  • The system provides tutorials, has a fast response time, and runs on a low-power CPU.
  • Take advantage of the Bootstrap Toast message.
  • Utilize responsive Bootstrap tables
  • Responsive table class
  • AdminLTE is a layout class for administrators.
  • Utilize shims for Font Awesome v4
  • Embed PDF files
  • Utilize URL rewriting
  • Utilize views
  • Path associated with the web’s root


  • It contains tutorials.
  • Excellent addition for any PHP developer.


  • It does not support the tree structure of any table.
Technical Details
  • File Name: PHPMaker 2023.5.0.0 Crack
  • 158 MB for the setup
  • RAR is the file extension.
  • Windows
  • Multilingualism
  • License: Full Version
System Requirements
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Server 2008/2012/2016 (all versions – 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Computer with an appropriate rate of speed
  • 50 MB of storage space available
  • NET Framework version 4.0
How to Install/Crack?
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  • Take everything apart and play it
  • Now Install it in any handy spot.
  • Following that, execute Keygen Exe.
  • Here, you click on the Active file.
  • Wait for the patching operation to complete.
  • Enjoy.


PHPMaker is a complex, adaptable, and automated tool for developing websites with built-in PHP forms and databases. This version includes significant modifications from the previous version, such as a redesigned list page and a speedier script engine. It enables you to construct PHP web pages that enable users to quickly and simply see and manage records online. It is compatible with the majority of database engines, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. PHP is a computer language that is extensively used in server-side web development. It is widely popular owing to the simplicity with which scripts can be embedded into HTML code. This is certainly the most powerful and versatile program of its class, yet being as simple to use as ever.

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